Start by making an inventory of your departure granted. My assets? This is what you have already received: family, education, traditions, what makes your story. Of course, in all this, you sort your sorting. For example, you are not a carbon copy of your parents or your siblings. You can also choose to set yourself apart from your loved ones on some points. After sorting, look at all the positives that remain: although it was not easy, your history necessarily give you some advantages. It must simply change the look to see them, ” I have known many failures at school, but thanks to my passion for the automobile, I could do all my work and training and achieve a very interesting position “said Benedict. ” My father was transferred both and I have moved a lot: it taught me to adapt quickly everywhere, “said Laetitia. All these achievements are real gold nuggets. It is capital that you carry within you: it is your foundation. 

Raise your structures

Structures, these are all the skills, expertise, know-being. Such as bearing walls of a house, they are indispensable to the construction of your personality. To acquire, only one solution: to form, learn. Before becoming a tennis champion, for example, have to learn to walk and run. To develop his talents as a musician, it is better to have a few lines. The learnings concern the body, intelligence, sensitivity. It must also acquire moral qualities and the wide range of skills: learning to live in society, to manage time, to reason, to take responsibility. This is done at school, but also family, and through all kinds of activities: the practice of a sport, an art, discovering the world, involvement in a charity … 

For this to be truly trainer, play duration, avoid zapping or permanent course changes. ” I was the basketball competition but I got tired and now I no longer sport. ” Or: ” Studies saoulaient me, I dropped everything . “recount many young untrained True, all learning may seem long and a bit tedious at times, but it is better to continue an activity or studies which medium you like than risk finding yourself stalled! Because getting a degree, any reward, acquiring a skill, you ask a cornerstone which will then allow you to add another. By the way, you learn to make efforts, to be patient, to persevere, to endure failure and start again. Good points that will be very useful when you want to deploy your talents more fully to assert your personality. 

Choose your interior shots

Gradually, we begin to ask personal choices that will draw the outlines of our personality. At first, it’s a little draft, a draft. But on the way to adulthood, the choices are affirmed: passions, education, job, friendships, project, lifestyle, love …The challenge is to get to make choices freely: I do not choose something to please my parents (or displease them), to impress those around me, to be like my friends, or to look like a model, but because it suits me deeply. ” It took me long enough for me to consider making the educator of studies that I really wanted, “said Violaine. Free choice, it is not necessarily the one that seems the most original or most wacky. How to acquire this freedom of choice? – First, by acting on the little things: freedom to choose what we want to do the following weekend regardless buddies, choose how you wish to spend their holidays, etc. – then giving himself time to think before deciding something. If I always choose everything to the last minute, I might miss information and influence me. For the choice of studies and professions, for example, you need to plan enough to mature and well informed. – by learning to say “no” when something does not suit me: If you have ever thought about your choices, is easier. 

Deploy your talents

By exercising and developing the gifts and abilities that are in you, you are really blooming personality. You give your “house” style, you become what you are, what goes well beyond the adoption of a look. It remains to find the famous talents. Immediately, some are upset … Attention, it’s not just the Star Academy, talents are not necessarily artistic. You can be good at foreign languages, computers, or to establish easy and warm relationships with others, to organize, to understand or complicated mechanisms to resolve conflicts … The talents are often the seeds during our childhood and adolescence. Some very early spring, others later found through experience or meetings. To affirm them, we must exercise them. Taking the water start. To find out if you have the soul of a salesman, hurry a sales internship. To whet your poet pen, write a lot. Sometimes it is also training again, repeat the course. Talent is not excused from work, on the contrary. 

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