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How to Improve Your Appearance and Your Image

How to Improve Your Appearance and Your Image

Whether you like it or not, people judge books by their covers. Similarly, people who do not know you very quickly feel about your appearance and overall image you project. You rarely have more than five seconds before a person to be a positive or negative impression of you. Before being heard, you are seen. What can you do? Simply improve your “look”. Here are ten ideas so that you have the most beautiful covers or if you prefer, ten ideas to improve your appearance and image.


1. Your physical

It has been shown by numerous studies that the beautiful people inspire more confidence. If you have a large overweight or on the contrary you look anorexic, people will judge you whether you like it or not. People will think, wrongly or rightly, you probably have a lack of discipline, willpower or mental problems and esteem in the case of anorexia. Eat well and exercise regularly in order to have a healthy weight. Ask for help if you need it.


2. Your clothing

The way you’re dressed is how you are perceived. How you are perceived is how you are treated. Pay particular attention to the clothes you wear to work. Opt for classic clothes with neutral and dark colors (navy blue, charcoal gray and black). Avoid loud colors as possible. Your accessories (scarves, jewelry, ties, etc.) will by cons give a touch of sparkle to your clothing. Avoid showing your armadillos, your piercings or too much skin. Gentlemen, white stockings should be avoided … unless you work in a fitness center. And your shoes? They should always be clean and polished.


If you work in a retail business, it is strongly advised to wear uniforms or at least clothes easily identifiable by your clients. Also, have a badge with your name written clearly encourages a more personal touch.


3. Your hair and your hair

Beware of dandruff and greasy hair. For men, shave every day and avoid the beard. Have you noticed that the bad guys in the movies almost always have beards and goatees? Dare also change haircut from one decade to another and grace, made shave your neck regularly.


For ladies, the hair is tied up and they must be clean. Avoid having hair constantly in the face, replacing a lock of hair behind the ears every five seconds and have 3, 4 or even 5 colors in your hair. Obviously, armpit hair, legs and beard for some should be absent.


4. Your cleanliness

For men, make sure your nails are short and clean. For women, see that your nail polish is well placed and not chipped. For those who wear glasses, wash the lenses regularly. Look at yourself from time to time in the mirror to remove small pieces of food that may be caught between your teeth or hair that suddenly decide to get out of your nose or your ears. The cleanliness of your work environment (office, suitcase, car) also speaks volumes about your personality.


5. Your smell

Pay attention to your breath and body odor. Wash your daily course and use the course deoderant, but be especially eat onions, garlic and drinking alcohol during your lunches, dinners or business dinners. Smokers should be aware of the smell of cigarette sticking to their clothes and their skin. A coffee breath also repels. Would you buy a book whose cover stink?


6. Your smile

People who have a friendly smile, warm and sincere are more attractive. Your teeth are like sunshine. A beautiful smile inspires confidence, good humour and exudes positive energy.The smile costs nothing, but it creates a favourable impression every time. It lasts only a moment, but we may always remember a lifetime. If you do not feel like smiling one morning, the solution is simple … stay home!


7. Your eyes

What about people who do not look you in the eye? To this question, the participants in my lectures always answer the same thing: “They are dishonest,” “They have something to hide,” “They lack confidence in themselves,” etc. Indeed, the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Liars have difficulty watching their interlocutors in the eyes. Always look your customers right in the eye. You will inspire and frankness, directness and honesty.


8. Your posture and your gait

A person who has the chin and back Rights inspires confidence that a person who has the low chin and bent back and forth and gives the impression of having the weight of the world on his shoulders. Similarly, a person who is dragging its feet or making small jumps when walking does not inspire confidence.


9. Your professionalism in the actions

A person who chews gum or the tip of his pen when talking about or who cut you off or responds to his cell does not help to improve the coverage of his book.


10. handshake

Where did you learn to shake hands? Nowhere will you answer me probably! However, the handshake is often given in the first moments of a meeting and can help you or hurt inspire confidence in the other person. A handshake always gives up; you look the other in the eyes; you smile; you mention your full name and be a chameleon in the strength of your handshake. Make sure your hands are dry have hand perpendicular to the ground, the thumb straight up in the air and fingers glued to each other so as not to shake the fingertips of the other and let go after 2- 3 seconds!


A book can have great content-rich information, but it has very little chance of being read if the coverage does not encourage people to want to buy it. Similarly, you may have a product or service to offer is the best invention since the fire button with 4 holes and the Internet, but if your appearance is repulsive, people will not pay attention to what you have to say and you will have difficulty persuading and convincing. So put under the previous ten ideas and watch your sales increase dramatically!



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