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Different Types of Waste Management

Different Types of Waste Management

Waste Management

Wherever we go, trash is accumulating no matter how efficiently we dispose it. This is because each one of us is producing waste each day and it all adds up to the global waste that is generated all around the world. Improper waste disposal can cause great harm to the environment – polluting the bodies of water, harming the wildlife, and in many more ways.

Whether you’re managing waste at home or at a commercial place, you need to make sure that the trash goes to the right place and is disposed the right way. Here are the different ways on how trash is disposed and managed.


Reusing is one of the basic ways we could do to help lessen the trash we produce every day. Instead of disposing off things immediately, think first and see if it can still be used. There are actually plenty of things that we can reuse around us – from empty boxes, old clothing, old furniture, used plastic containers, and many more. If you don’t want to use those things anymore, you could sell them so that others can reuse it and won’t go to waste.


Waste Management
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If you’re looking for a circular way of waste management recycling is the type that fits it best. In recycling, nothing goes to waste. All the recyclable items that are disposed will be taken to a recycling facility. There, they would be processed and turned into raw materials and be used to produce new items again. In recycling, the trash is actually given another life in the form of a different item.


Another efficient way of managing waste is composting. This is done on organic and biodegradable waste. Organic waste is one of the most common trashes we make in the kitchen – from fruit and vegetable peelings, coffee filters, food scraps, and all the other organic waste. Instead of tossing them directly into the trash, you could place them in a composting bin instead to decompose through time. When the time is right, you’ll end up with all-natural organic fertilizer you could use to keep your plants healthy.

Energy Recovery

Lastly, there are just some things that can’t be reused, recycled, or even composted. In that case, the only way left for them is just to be disposed. However, you can still get something back from these trash through energy recovery.

In this process, the trash is burned in an incinerator which provide energy to some power plants. The negative side of this process is the extra carbon released into the atmosphere which could contribute to bigger problems such as global warming.

Proper waste management is highly important especially these days when our planet is already suffering from the repercussions of man’s activities. Reducing waste should always be a start. However, in times when it is not possible, it is important that you dispose of the waste in the most efficient and environmentally-friendly way to maintain the planet for the next generations to come.