Buy Online: Advantages and Disadvantages

Today, distance selling, known by the abbreviation VAD, or business to business “B to B”, experienced very strong growth. Worldwide, this transaction mode represents 4% of sales, and this figure is increasing with the use of the Internet. It is important to emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of buying online.

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  1. The Internet helps maintain an ongoing relationship between the seller and the buyer. This can occur by email, or in the forums, especially for products that deserve to be tested, such as software, games, etc.
  2. It can also download user manuals, updates, and even the latest news.
  3. Prices tend to fall in line, due to increasing competition, market transparency and the choice of the buyer.
  4. For online purchases, there is a huge time saver. You do not have to run around to find what you want.
  5. Deliveries are at home, and we did not need to move.
  6. A wide range of products is available and at attractive prices.
  7. On the net, the border no longer exists; anywhere in the world, you can order or buy with the greatest of ease.
  8. Finally, recovery or Product exchange is quite feasible online.


However, this method of purchase has indeed undeniable drawbacks.


  1. It is difficult to discuss prices on a commercial site.
  2. About Alcohol and tobacco, too much freedom is offered to drug addicts.
  3. During holiday periods, sites may saturated ones, thus blocking access or make them very slow connections.
  4. Delivery times are no longer respected, and claims are no longer able to sellers.
  5. Furthermore, buying online excludes any notion of trade relations that are vital in the business world. For example, it is impossible to sample, test, or sample a food or beverage before buying.
  6. One is never assured 100% of the reliability of a site and dishonest people are always on the lookout for your credit card number.

Finally, the Internet has greatly facilitated the purchases, but the lack of physical contact remains dominant despite sheets and aids the merchants go online.

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