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How to Find Your Style – Mens Edition

How to Find Your Style – Mens Edition

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Are you somebody who has always rocked the same pair of worn in jeans with a raggedy t-shirt and not given much thought to your fashion sense and style? If you are, you have come to the right place as we will guide you on building your own personal sense of fashion and style.

Fashion isn’t just for women and it is high time that men venture into dressing fashionably as well. We have put together a few tips that will help move you along in the right direction and they are all mentioned below.

Find Style Icons

One of the best ways we learn as humans is by observing and emulating the actions of others so why does it have to be any different when it comes to fashion and styling outfits. Therefore, we urge you to find some men who you think have great fashion sense and try to emulate their styles and outfits to fit your own.

However, it is important to also put your own spin and express yourself through your outfit and your sense of fashion. We recommend following your style icons on social media as this will help you be exposed to the type of styles that you see yourself wearing.

A Good Suit

A good suit can make all the difference in making you look sleek and handsome. We recommend going to a bespoke tailor and getting a tailor made suit that fits you like a glove as this will be able to highlight and accentuate all your best features.

Getting a customized and personalized suit from a bespoke tailor is a really great idea and it is a very important step in your fashion journey.

Avoid Loud Patterns

Unless you’re on a beach in Hawaii sipping on a pina colada, you’re not allowed to wear printed clothing items. It doesn’t have to be this strict but the truth is, throwing patterns and loud colors into the mix can make styling hard so we recommend sticking to solid colors and neutral colors that will help you put outfits together a whole lot easier.

Loud patterns are appropriate when styled correctly or if you’re on a tropical island somewhere. Sticking to the basic colors and patterns will help you uncomplicated the process of finding your style and fashion sense.

Ask For Advice

If you think your friend has great fashion sense and you want his opinion on an outfit, do not ever be afraid to ask. We assume your friend will also love it if you were to ask his opinion on the outfit and the styling choices.

Enjoy It

Fashion doesn’t have to be this set of rules that you have to follow or this incredibly difficult thing to get right. With fashion, what is important is that you’re having fun and that it is making you feel incredible in the way you dress and style yourself.

Don’t be afraid to make bold choices every once in a while as it will make you stand out among the crowd and make a few heads turn.