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How To Get A Therapeutic Spa Experience At Home

How To Get A Therapeutic Spa Experience At Home

Under most circumstances, when we feel overwhelmed or stressed we take a bath or a long shower. Different people opt for different forms of release. Today, we find bath oils, shower oils, fragrant bath bombs and many other soothing items that help us de-stress whilst in the bathroom.

Bath oils and bombs are generally added to the bathing water. A therapeutic spa experiencewithin the comfort of your home. There are a plethora of bath oils available today, that too in different scents, forms and packaging.

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Advantages Of Using Bath Oils

Every single of one us is so used to the soap/shower gel and shampoo routine, we have become reluctant to welcome this change. Using bath and shower oil during your bath or shower time will definitely invigorate your senses and push your body to the realm of comfort. The essence of rosemary, lavender, tulsi, lemon and cedar wood provide a sense of extreme relaxation and bliss to our mind and body. Once you use these fragrance oils, we promise there is no going back after this. It is so soothing and relaxing in nature, it will feel like one of the best choices you’ve made in your life.

  1. When oil is mixed with water, it penetrates deeper into your skin and rejuvenates it.
  2. The warmth of the oil promotes better blood circulation and reduces fatigue and improves joint movement.
  3. These oils are rich in antibiotics therefore they help fight against infections,bacteria and skin diseases.
  4. Well, what’s better than soft and supple skin? We all yearn to have skin that’s as smooth as a baby’s butt. Invest for a radiant, fresh and smooth skin.

Different Types OfBath Oils And It’s Properties.

The best bath oils are prepared using rich and fragrant elements and natural means of production. It will not harm your body but it will only rejuvenate it. However, to be safe. Use it on a small portion of your hand or leg. If you see no adverse reaction you can continue to use it after 24hours.

Cedarwood: the captivating and earthy scent of cedarwood certainly leaves your soul naturally refreshed. It effortlessly releases stress from your body and leaves you light and fresh. Plus, it leaves a very earthy aroma on your body afterwards.

Lemon and Rosemary: A great soul soother and an amazing source of nutrition for your skin. A deep moisturizer that leaves a mild fragrance on the body after the bath. Hmmm, Relaxation Goals!

Lavender: Lavenderoil is world-famous for its anti-inflammatory properties and its antiseptic nature. A combination that nurtures the body and calms your nerves

Tulsi and Lemon: Natural and Calming. Tulsi and Lemon are ingredients that are easily available in the form of nature. Tulsi and Neem refresh your skin and leave it soft and free. Plus, the fragrance provides solace.

Just the thought of feeling the calm and the comfort is quite blissful. Imagine how great it would feel, once you actuallystart to use.