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Best Fabrics to Be Used for Sportswear

Best Fabrics to Be Used for Sportswear

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Modern sportswear is very much varied than before. Aside from a vast range of styles and colours, there are also plenty of fabric styles to choose from. It’s easy to get confused on which one to buy when shopping for sportswear.

Comfort is one of the priorities when it comes to picking the right sportswear. The way you feel while wearing your activewear affects your performance a lot. If you’re not that comfortable, it won’t be that easy to give in your best performance whether you’re exercising or playing a sport. There are plenty of fabrics to choose from when it comes to sportswear that you need to be mindful of which one is the most comfortable for you. Here are the most common fabrics used for sportswear.


Before, cotton isn’t that popular when it comes to sportswear. However, it is rising up these days because of its odour management properties and breathability, perfect to keep you cool and odour-free while working out. However, it holds onto sweat and moisture more, making it less popular for use on more strenuous workout or sport.


Spandex in commonly used in sportswear because it is highly stretchable and versatile. If you’re looking for an activewear to be worn for activities that require a lot of stretching such as yoga, Pilates, running, and other similar routines, spandex is the best material for you. Aside from its flexibility, it also absorbs sweat and lets it dry quickly; a perfect fabric for intense sweaty workout sessions.

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Another common material used for sportswear is polyester. It is a synthetic fabric that is made from plastic fibres, making it more durable and flexible than other materials. Because it is plastic, it doesn’t absorb and hold moisture in its fibres – it just wicks the moisture away from the skin and lets it dry on its surface.

Many athletes opt for activewear made from this material because of its high durability – it can withstand strong and repetitive movements without tearing the fibres. Aside from that, it is relatively cheaper than all of the other material types, making it a budget-friendly choice for athletes. Many sportswear brands such as Nike online have created activewear from this fabric because of its popularity among consumers.

Bamboo Fibre

If you’re looking for a more sustainable activewear, the ones made from bamboo fibre is a great choice. Bamboo is not popular for activewear not until the recent years. It has moisture-wicking properties perfect to keep you dry and comfortable while working out.

At the same time, it has anti-odour and hypoallergenic features, making it a perfect choice especially for those with sensitive skin. Because it is naturally sourced, bamboo fibre activewear can cost a little more than the usual but the extra price is definitely worth it with all the great features it has.

All of us have different preferences when it comes to fabric choice. With so many options to choose from, it is essential to know what you like first to invest in the right kind of activewear.