Preparing a Routine After Your Baby Arrives

Now that your baby is here, your lifestyle and schedule are bound to change therefore you need to allocate different times for different processes and bits and bobs. Having a strict routine is not going to work, as a baby is unpredictable, however keeping in mind what has to be done is highly essential. Listed below are a few tips to help you get through this time, and make the entire process a little easier!

Shower Time – Both Mommy and Baby

Shower time is a very exciting time and has to be incorporated into your schedule. You will have to have every product close to you during this time as you cannot leave your baby alone, this is from the shampoo right up to the Huggies online products to help make shower time even more exciting! While shower time for your baby is important, you will also have to allocate a few minutes of the day to freshen up.

Free Time for Yourself

While you will barely get enough free time during the first few weeks, you will have to also have enough free time to relieve the stress and look back and reflect! One of the nicest things to do during this time is to keep a journal or a diary so that you can read this a few years down the line and show it your children as they grow older.


You will have to discuss shifts with your partner or whoever is helping you during this time, as rest for you is also important. You will need enough energy, therefore having rotating shifts is vital. Once you start having shifted, everything will fall into place and both of you will know what exactly has to be done at what time, and how. Remember, getting all the rest you need is highly essential so that you are energized always.

Food and Feeding

This is the most unpredictable part of your routine as you don’t really know at what time you will have to feed the baby and what time they will wake up wanting milk. You’ll have to be prepared at all times, and not to forget to keep yourself nourished as well. While breastfeeding your child is important, you will have to also eat food that will help make you stronger. You will need all the energy you can possibly get while running around looking for your little bundle of joy!

Nap Times

The first few weeks, your baby’s nap time is going to be unpredictable, therefore even you will lose sleep. However, as disclosed previously, taking shifts will make this a much smoother process. You will need your sleep, and so will your baby. Your baby has to sleep and get all the rest they probably can, so as to avoid any grumpiness!

These are a few factors you need to take into consideration when creating your own routine for when the baby is here, to make everything a little more organized.

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