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Tax depreciation is one of the most sought-after depreciation throughout the world. Almost anything that is depreciable can be included in a tax depreciation schedule. This deduction is one way through which businesses save literally thousands of dollars per year; mid-sized businesses. Detailed below is a closer look at what a tax depreciation schedule is, examples of the rules governing it and how to find the right expert.

What is it?

Tax depreciation, as stated, is a deduction that is made due to depreciating goods. All of these depreciations are put into tax depreciation schedules and finally shown to tax officials. If the tax depreciation schedule is to be found accurate, deductions are made in a company’s tax bill. This allows them to maximise their income.

What are Tax Depreciation Schedules?

To put it rather simply, these schedules are the only document keeping a company from their maximum savings. These schedules are the only piece of evidence that any company has of all their depreciation. In fact, without a tax schedule, no company can ever claim tax depreciation.


Governing Rules

There are many rules that govern tax depreciation and even what can be included in a tax depreciation schedule. Quite simply, anything that is subject to wear and tear can be claimed. This is because wear and tear are known as tax depreciation. However, there are some rules that must be strictly followed. For example:

The property and/or items must be owned by the owner and nobody else. If a building loan is still being paid off, the said building cannot be claimed for any tax deduction.

Any item or property that is intended to be claimed must be used in some sort of income-generating project. A personal car cannot be claimed, even if it is depreciable. This is because the car is in personal use. However, a company car (for e.g. a delivery van) can be claimed because it is used to generate income.

The effective life of the item or building must be longer than a year. If new tiles in a building are not expected to last for more than a year, they cannot be claimed for depreciation.

How to Find the Right Expert

The easiest way to find an expert on tax depreciation is to ask another business about it. It is more than likely that a neighbouring business has had a tax depreciation schedule made for them. Therefore, asking them is the fastest way. If all else fails, searching online is a great alternative.

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