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How to Prevent Aches and Discomfort When Using Ear Buds

How to Prevent Aches and Discomfort When Using Ear Buds

Using ear buds helps us listen to music or audio files in private from wherever we are. As convenient as these gadgets are, there are some downsides to them as well. Mainly, wearing ear buds for too long can result in aches in or around the ear or at least overall discomfort. This discomfort can get exuberated if you engage in an activity like jogging wearing earphones. If you are plagued by ear bud-related aches, here are several tips for preventing the issue:

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Avoid In-Ear Buds

There are two main types of ear buds you can buy: on ear headphones and in-ear buds. The latter can cause serous discomfort in the ear, especially when worn for longer periods. In-ear buds are also closer to your eardrum, which means increased risk for hearing damage when you blast music at top volume. The over-the-ear headsets may slip off during certain activities, but they are much more comfortable to ear. If your in-ear buds are causing your problems, consider switching to the over-the-ear version for more comfort.

Invest in Comfy Ear Muffs

The ear muffs can be a great buffer against ear pain, especially if the ear buds cut into the cartilage of your ear. When buying an over-the-ear headset, make sure it comes with a very comfortable ear muff design. Synthetic leather ear muffs with sponge or foam inside are the most comfortable. Unlike spongy earmuffs, these won’t absorb swear and won’t feel abrasive against skin. You can easily clean the water-resistant leathery surface too. In other words, try to find ear muffs that feel like clouds against your ear.

Use a Lubricant with the Ear Buds

You can temporarily relieve ear bud-related pain by using a lubricant, like petroleum jelly, with the ear buds, especially when you run. Now this is not possible with all types of ear buds and ear muffs, especially if they have a fabric exterior. But you can use a lubricant with plastic ear buds. Plastic is the material most likely to cause aching, so using a lubricant with it can prevent this issue largely. If you exercise with your ear buds, do try to use a lubricant to prevent impact-related soreness.

Avoid Wearing Clamp-y Headsets

Wearing headsets with brands that strain against your head or feel too clamp-y on the ears would naturally lead to soreness, discomfort, and even headaches. Therefore, don’t buy a headset that doesn’t fit your cranium properly. The head band must be adjustable to avoid this particular problem. So when investing in a headset, don’t buy an uncomfortable head band just because the audio is good. Your physical comfort must be good too.

Switch to a Speaker Whenever You can

The easiest way to prevent ear soreness and aching with headsets and related devices is to limit time using these things. Prolonged use is almost always associated with physical pain. If you are at home and if you are not disturbing others, do switch to speakers. Low volume on speakers could help reduce the aching you feel.

If the ear pain associated with ear buds continues to persist or gradually gets worse, you should probably see a doctor regarding the problem. Don’t continue to use a pair of ear buds that keep causing you pain. Go buy a new pair that is actually comfortable to wear.