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How to Have Fun in Melbourne as a Couple

How to Have Fun in Melbourne as a Couple

Traveling the world with the better half? Here are tips to share some romantic moments in Melbourne.

share laughter with Your Loved One

There is nothing better than enjoying few memorable laughs with your loved one. The scenic city of Melbourne is a wonderful place to laugh a little since there are several famous local comedy clubs in the city. And no matter what night of the week it is, you should always be able to find a live comedy show or two. Try out the Butterfly Club, the Local Laughs and even The Comic’s Lounge. They are several of the much-loved comedy clubs in the city and you should not miss out on visiting these places. And April is when you have to be in the city to make sure that you check out the International Comedy Festival.

The Eureka Skydeck

This is another place you can visit to share some love. What is better than enjoying the panoramic views of the city of Melbourne with your loved one? You can definitely include this on your list of romantic things to do in Melbourne when you are there on vacation. You can also enjoy some great cuisine in the restarts in the tower on your way back down.

Enjoy a show at the Astor Theatre

This theatre is one of the most interesting theatres that is very popular among the Melburnians. The theatre is grand, it is old, sentimental to the Melburnians and it is exactly what you should visit when you are in Melbourne with your better half. Try catching a show at the theatre in the night with your loved one. It will definitely make a great night. This is also one of the single-screen theatres from the nineteen thirties.

Cheap is not that cheap

When you say cheap in Chinatown, it is not always cheap. The Chinatown in Melbourne is as old as the 1850s when the Gold Rushes were famous. And according to the information on the site, this Chinatown is the longest continues settlement of the Chinese nationality in the Western society; that is fun history fact for the both of you. If you are the curious type of couple, you can simply explore the area. However, the great restaurants and the deals might not be very easy to turn down.

Cross off a festival or two

There is ALWAYS a festival happening in Melbourne and that is great news for the couples delved in romance. The city has always been seen as one of the greatest places for the festivals to take place in the entire world. And at any time of the year, you can enjoy some great film festivals, jazz festivals and comedy festivals and shows. Make sure that you check out the updates of the festivals before you decided what time of the year you wish to visit the city.

Luna Park fun

Although you might be quick to dismiss this off your list, visiting the Luna Park can be great fun. The park is made for the adults and the children at the same time and it is great news for those fun couples.