5 Grandmother Tricks that Work To Beautify

The appearance of a button makes you tremble with fear. When the nightmare becomes reality, we know good saves to camouflage them.

image source: facemasksforacne.com
image source: facemasksforacne.com

tomato against sudden acne

With the lifestyle you lead (stress, lack of sleep, food variations), you are not immune from a sudden burst buttons. Did you know that the tomato is a valuable ally against the unforeseen acne? Full of minerals and vitamins C and A particular antioxidant, this vegetable has anti-infective properties, cleansing and healing the skin.
It is used in the mask is cut a tomato into thin slices is applied to the acne pimples for about twenty minutes. Then rinsed thoroughly with water before cleaning the skin with mild soap sugars to prevent skin dryness and maintain the balance of the skin. The operation is repeated for 8 days.

image source: 123.com
image source: 123.com

toothpaste against cold sores

Happens when a button, it dries in the toothpaste brushing: we apply a bit and allowed to act for some time before rinsing. Toothpaste will dry the cold sore, as effectively as baking soda. What to do 3 or 4 times a day for a more rapid disappearance of the button.

white vinegar to dry up acne pimples

To get rid of pimples and blackheads, we tap it with a cotton swab dipped in essential oil of tea tree with disinfectant properties. The gesture is repeated several times a day until the button dries and eventually disappear.
No essential oil tea tree? It substitutes a white vinegar soaked cotton or a slice of lemon that gently taps the button for a few minutes.

image source: rosetherapy.com
image source: rosetherapy.com

anti-acne mask disinfectant

Mixing two tablespoons of clay, juice of half -citron two drops of essential oil of peppermint, 1 drop of essential oil of tea tree. Mask preparation is placed on the T-zone that is to say, the forehead, nose and chin, most parts subject to buttons. We avoid the eye area. Allowed to act for a good 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

alum stone against the post-waxing buttons

For those who tend to have itching, redness and pimples after waxing, the alum stone is an effective remedy. This stone, potassium sulphate and aluminium mixture are brought in pharmacy and health food stores. It wets and applied on parts depilated. Soothing and calming, the alum stone will prevent ingrown hairs and side buttons.
Alum is also fighting against cold sores.

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