5 Tips to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

You know, you must be doubly vigilant in order to avoid the cost of getting sick. One because some diseases are harmful to the baby (and you) and two because you can not necessarily take the usual treatment because of the danger to the fetus. For this reason, here are 5 tips to stay healthy during pregnancy.

image source: growingyourbaby.com
image source: growingyourbaby.com

Washing your hands
If you do not know it, but the main propagator of disease. So we do not hesitate to wash their hands regularly throughout the day with warm water and soap. (Especially before going to dinner when you get home from the outside or if you have been in contact with a sick person).Plan to have in your handbag, a pack of wipes in case.

image source: sunrisefamilydentistry.com
image source: sunrisefamilydentistry.com

Eat healthy

Prevents course up food that could make you sick. Do not do ignore the essential foods during pregnancy. Be careful to cook your food. Kitchen and keeps your food carefully observing all the rules of hygiene.

image sourtce: newyou.com.ph
image sourtce: newyou.com.ph

Boosts your immune system

Ensure adequate sleep, do some exercise and avoid stress to the max! ‘m Full of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
image source: newyou.com.ph

 Avoid sick people

Stay away from sick people. Avoids possible crowded places. Away you coughing individuals, sniff … (who look sick what!) If your spouse or your children are sick, do not drink in their glass, do not eat on their plate. Minimizes contact with them (not always easy with children, I see!).More than ever, wash your hands often and avoid rubbing your eyes, nose or mouth.

Stay away from pet

If you are not immunized against toxoplasmosis, careful not to change the litter for your cat, possibly do pass it a little routine visit to the vet. If you have a cat “griffeur” remains at a safe distance during your pregnancy.

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