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Different Types of Dental Fillings and Why We Need Them

Different Types of Dental Fillings and Why We Need Them

There are some cases that dental problems can’t be avoided especially when they happen by accident. For example, your tooth could get chipped while you’re eating hard foods. Worse cases such as tooth decay can be present even if it is unnoticeable. These dental problems can affect your smile as well as your confidence in mingling with people. You could feel like you just want to keep your mouth shut to hide those imperfections and issues.

If you’re having these problems with your smile, there’s no need to worry since your dentist can easily fix it and bring back that beautiful smile you had. Here are the different kinds of dental fillings and how they are used to fix dental problems.

How Is It Done?

Dental fillings are commonly used to treat decayed teeth. Before the procedure, the dentist will apply an anaesthetic to the area that needs to be treated. When it gets numb, the decayed portion of the tooth will be removed using a drill or any equipment depending on the dentist. Once all the rotten parts are removed, the hollow area will be cleaned thoroughly. Then the composite filling will be applied on the space and will be shaped and polished. In some cases, a special light is used to harden every layer for multilayer application of fillings.


white dental filling

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Different Types of Dental Fillings

There are different kinds of material used in dental fillings. Your dentist will help you determine the best kind of filling for you.

  • Tooth Coloured Composite – Also known as white dental filling, this material is one of the most popular among others because of its aesthetic features. Its colour matches closely to natural teeth, making it look more natural even when used on visible areas of the teeth. Its uses are versatile since it can be used on broken or chipped teeth aside from decayed tooth.


  • Cast Gold – This type of dental filling material is one of the most durable among other types. It can last up to 10 years or more especially when maintained properly. It is strong and can withstand strong chewing or biting forces. However, it is more expensive than the other kinds.


  • Amalgam – Also known as silver fillings, it is next to gold fillings when it comes to durability and strength. However, it is not that popular since its colour doesn’t look that good with natural teeth. Amalgam fillings are cheaper than gold fillings which makes it a great choice if you’re looking for durability and affordability all in one.


  • Glass Ionomer – This type is made from a combination of certain glass material and acrylic. If the decay goes deep into the gum line, this type of filling is most commonly used since it releases fluoride deep down to help prevent further tooth decay. It is not that durable compared to the previous types but it is the perfect option depending on the kind of dental problem present.

With dental fillings, you can now fix that smile and bring back its beauty just like how you want it.