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How To Avoid Contracting Urinary Tract Infections

How To Avoid Contracting Urinary Tract Infections

If a patient is not able to pass urine by themselves as a result of the injuries that they are suffering from, it is important for the doctor to find some other way of getting the urine out. However, it is wise to ensure that he or she is careful so as not to increase the problems in the process by using infected tools.

If you are having problems with passing your urine, this is a really serious problem that you need to address as soon as you possibly can. Apart from feeling really uncomfortable and the stench of urine, you could easily contract a urinary tract infection. No matter what the cause of the infection might be, you need to make sure that you are ready to face it. This is not something that you can prepare for in advance since it will happen as a result of something else without warnings. There are different types of catheters that you can use to help with your urine incontinence. The problem is that as a result, you could easily contract a urinary tract infection. Therefore, you need to find a safe what and how to do it right to ensure you keep off any infections. Here are tips on how you can avoid contracting these harmful infections:

• Drinking Plenty of Water

If you are suffering from a case where you are not able to pass the urine due to some problem in your urethra or any other medical condition, you need to take care to avoid contracting some urinary infections. If you have urine that is not well diluted and it happens to be cloudy or even supper yellowish, you need to get rid of that to prevent the infections. You should take to consuming a lot of water to ensure that after your body is cleaned; the urine still looks a lot clear. Clear urine has little to no chance of causing any infections in your urinary tract.

• Cleaning the Catheter

Kidney stones, the sever enlargement of the prostate and even blood clots can lead to the blocking of the urine flow in your body. In this case, you will need another option to get rid of the urine in your bladder. If the urine is not removed, it builds up the pressure and it might lead to problems with your kidneys –it might become permanent which is dangerous. The catheter –which is a tube made of rubber, plastic or latex, is used to help you go if you are suffering from this kind of blockages. To ensure that you do not contract any urinary tract infections from the urine you are passing you need to ensure that the tube you use is always cleaned before and after use. You should always empty the urine collection bag when it fills up or at least once every eight hours.

• Clean the Point of Entry

There are different types of catheters but the indwelling one is the most likely to cause infections since it is inserted into the bladder through the urethra. You need to make sure that the point of entry is always clean when inserting it –use clean water and soap for the best result. The urinary tract infections can show up with symptoms such as chills, cloudy urine, leaking of urine, bloody urine and foul smelling urine among others. To avoid all this, make sure that the entry point is always clean before inserting the tube.

Urinary tract infections are not pleasant and they can start as small problems such as cloudy urine and grow to bigger problems such as kidney failure. Use a clean catheter whenever you are thinking of draining your bladder.

Sally Andrews