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How to maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

How to maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Maintain a healthy lifestyle has many health benefits. Any time of life can be a good time to set goals for health and examine your lifestyle to see if he is healthy. Here is some tips to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage your weight:

1) Eat slowly, eat less

Your body needs time to recognize that you have eaten enough. By eating slowly, you will have less desire to overeat.

2) Do not stop eating food

Enjoy a small portion from time to time.You will discourage you less well, and you will avoid creating cravings.

3) See your new body

How do you feel? What clothes do you wear? Try to imagine the future body you are going to get through the efforts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.Discover also our advice to have a more tapered look by wearing appropriate clothing.

4) Stay optimistic

Do not be put off by thinking constantly of time (which you often find too long) until you reach your goal weight. Time will pass one way or another.

5) Keep a food diary rather than counting calories

Keeping a food diary is less restrictive and allow you to see if your diet is varied and / or if it contains enough fruits and vegetables. You will also be able to determine what foods you need to eat in small quantities ( a food diary often reveals surprises like “Oh, I eat as many sweets as this week?” ).

6) Do not go shopping when you are hungry

When you are hungry, you are inclined to buy more food (and not always good food), you will definitely end up eating. So Do not go shopping on an empty stomach in the market if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

7) Do not be too hard on yourself

If you’ve had a bad day, forget, and praise you for all the other good days you spent before, and you’ll spend in the future.

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8) Make physical exercise

To reach your goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle more quickly, it is important to move your body. Add activity to your daily life, walk more, take the stairs and you’ll soon see the difference.

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9) Reward yourself for kilograms you lost

Some new clothes can encourage you to continue, or you could put some money aside for each kilogram lost. So you can reward you with peace of mind for weight loss. But after burning calories (for example during a workout), do not reward yourself with food.

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10) Eat intelligently supplements

Avoid fad diets that are too restrictive and low calorie. Consume food that works on your body to stabilize the weight. Some of the natural ingredients such as Nopal cactus, Mate, tea leaves Yunnan leaves green tea and other plants have shown that they promote thermogenesis ( the body’s ability to burn fat ). Remember, maintaining a healthy weight reduces the risk of many more or less serious diseases, and improves the quality of life.



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