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Little Things That Make a Big Difference in Fitness

Little Things That Make a Big Difference in Fitness

When working out we often tend to look at the big picture only and often we forget to look at the little details that will add up to that final big picture. If you want to see solid results in your workouts you should always think about whether or not the methods that you are using, the regime that you are following and the likes are correct or not. If you do not pay attention to the fundamentals you will not be able to enjoy a good fitness regime. Here are some of the little details that we all seem to overlook when it comes to staying fit.

What Does Your Body Mass Index Say About Your Health?

When you go into the gym you are going to get on the scale and start measuring your kilos and pounds not what those kilos and pounds are made of. In other words, the BMI for men and women fall roughly into these categories: underweight would be less than 18.5, normal would be 18.5 – 24.9, overweight would come in at 25 – 29.9 and anything that is 30 or more is considered obese. But how many people actually know these facts or even pay attention to it? If your instructor is not pushing you to achieve the right Body Mass Index you really need to rethink about where you want to work out.

How Much Water Retention Do You Have?

Another good question that you really need to think about it how much water you retain in your system. Your water weight will make it seem and feel like you are actually a lot heavier than you really are. Taking in food items like coffee and sugar can cause water retention which is why you tend to pass out more urine after taking in caffeine. Too much sodium or salt will also increase your water retention rate. Increase the intake of foods rich in magnesium, potassium and Vitamin B6. Drink in the right amount of water daily as this can expel water retention from your body. Cranberry juice is also a great way to get rid of water in the body. Eat things like onion, garlic, nettle and avocados and the likes to get rid of this water retaining issue.

How Much Body Fat Do You Have?

Your body fat percentage is also really important and when you check your weight you should also ideally be looking at your body fat percentage and how you can reduce that, to begin with. You should be focusing on building muscles instead of collecting body fat. Many people who work out will not focus on these tiny details and then wonder why they do not seem to be toning up. Your basics have to always be correct if you are to make sure that your fitness goals are really achieved. Reducing the body fat percentage can be done by eating clean and healthy and also by working out regularly. You should speak to your instructors for more guidance in this area.