Make Your Office a Pleasant SpacewithThese Décor ideas

The type of decor you use in your office affects the whole atmosphere of the working space and can even influence the productivity of any working team. So here are some ideas to decorate any office and give it a welcoming outlook.


The entryway to the office is the first thing seen by you and the other staff members when they arrive at the office. It is also the place where your clients will get a first impression ofthe place they are coming to get a service done. It is very important to keep the entryway pleasant, well maintained and clean, to give a positive vibe to anyone entering the place.


A little bit of colour can give any place a vibrant and lively look. You can be a bit strategic about the colours and try to include the brand colours of your company into the colours you use to decorate the place. This option is better on the entryway or the waiting area. In working spaces, it is better to if you can use warm colours as they are known to increase productivity. Use a code of colours to organize your supplies too.

Art and decoration

Add a bit of an artsy look to the place and get some pieces of art such as paintings or photographs to decorate your walls. Since this is an office space and not a house it is ok to use slightly bigger pieces to cover your walls. A photograph or two of a picturesque scenery or a beautifully done painting can add a unique outlook on the place. Look for art galleries nearby and choose some pieces that will match your walls. You can also use a potted plant or two in some places in the office to make it more interesting.


It is important to consider the comfort of the workers and the clients when choosing furnishings. Do not choose any item just for their looks and low price. If the workers are uncomfortable in the place they work it can affect their productivity as well. Your clients will certainly not like to sit on uncomfortable chairs and wait to get their work done. It won’t be hard to find good designer commercial furniture if you make some trips to nearby furniture stores. Try out the items, especially ones such as chairs before purchasing them.


Natural ventilation can certainly increase the productivity of workers. Proper ventilation will help to remove too much heat or any unpleasant smells from the place. It will also filter the air of any impurities and control the air flow of the place. Ventilation is also useful in removing condensation and avoiding certain diseases such as asthma or rashes that are caused due to germs or dust.


Lighting is also as important as proper ventilation. There is no point of having hung up beautiful paintings and having a good colour scheme on your walls if there is no proper lighting. Take the maximum use of natural light as natural light is the best. Do not block sunlight by obstructing the windows. In instances where you might need artificial lighting go for high-quality lights. Blue lightespecially is known to increase productivity. Proper lighting creates a soothing atmosphere within the working area giving off a comfortable vibe.

Never choose the decoration for your office carelessly. The interiorlook of the place is vital to how anyone entering the place feels.

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