Tips to Boost Self Respect

Happiness is the main ingredient in longevity.

But happiness without self-respect is not good.

Good news, strengthen self-respect can be learned!

Strengthen self-respect and be happy

Having good self-respect allows being positive, to act according to their aspirations and to face the difficulties of life. It is therefore essential to develop self-respect. For this, work is needed. At any age, at any time and in all situations, it is possible to work on his self-respect and strengthen it.

How to proceed? Here are 10 trails to explore to strengthen self-respect. 

1) Assert yourself! Learn to say what you think, what you want and also what you feel. Attention assertive does not mean to become aggressive. You must learn to express your thoughts without aggression. Also, Learn to make your wishes and feelings. Speak clearly and always very concrete. 

2) Set your priorities Take the time to objectively reflect on your life plans: what is important to you? What are your priorities, projects in life? Etc. You can put aside your doubts and you focus on your priorities. Seeking to achieve its well-established priorities greatly improves self-respect. 

3) List your core values  List your core values (freedom of thought, respect for others, love, citizenship …) and do not be polluted by facts accessories and other superficial ideas. Living with strong values helps to make them happy. 

4) Recognize your qualities we all have faults and qualities, which may even change over life. The important thing is not to focus on its flaws, but its qualities. List them down, read them regularly and evolve this list. If necessary, ask your friends what they like you, you may be surprised!

5) To enhance self-respect: be positive and always look toward the solution

Faced with a problem, there is a tendency to see only the bad things. Yet there is always positive and solutions. Practice. Faced with a difficult situation, enter in column problems and negatives, in another, the positives and solutions.

6) Look at you with tenderness and kindness
you do your best and try every day to improve. This is well worth a little tenderness and benevolence. Talk to you and encourage you, you deserve it! And as soon as you cross your eyes in a window or a mirror, you smile.

7) Praise yourself and celebrate all your small victories
There are not as promotions or passing an exam which are among your victories. The life of every day is punctuated by large and small successes, you should soak (your coq au vin was the most successful, you have completed your application in record time, you have repaired the broken toy for your child, you have organized a great weekend, etc.). Live your wins and enjoy those little magic moments that bring happiness. And every night, think of all your accomplishments of the day and all the happy events. 

8) muzzle your inner critic
We all have a little voice inside that tells us: “Do not rejoice too fast”, “it will not last “,” I do not deserve it “… These criticisms have no justification and are unnecessarily spoil the happy moments. Do not criticize yourself and just enjoy the present moments. 

9) Eliminate your “toxic thoughts”
“I’m stupid”, “I’m clumsy,” “I am too small”, “I can not do” … these formulas and other small quips undermine and hamper your thoughts and actions. You must remove them. 

10) Turn your faults as Accept your flaws, assume them or discard it in. Start by identifying objectively. Some traits of your personality that you consider weaknesses can become strengths. Some physical aspects can also become distinctive signs. Besides, the beauty comes from within. Finally, nothing stays, everything can change.


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