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A Wardrobe-Revamp Guide for New Mothers

A Wardrobe-Revamp Guide for New Mothers

Being a new mother is a life changing experience. It is fulfilling, humbling and exciting, all at the same time. However, the role of a new mother also comes with a number of challenges. In addition to being responsible for another person, you also have to deal with the changes inyourself.

One such adjustment that you will have to deal with is related to how you look. Your body will obviously change after giving birth and you will have to employ some new strategies to look good and feel good as a new mom.


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Know Which Maternity Clothes to Keep and Which to Put Out

Step one is to get organized. You probably bought a whole lot of maternity clothes during your pregnancy. Decide which ones suit your wardrobe now. For instances, maternity bras and jeans will come in handy for quite some time. However, it’s time to bid farewell to the baggy t-shirts and sweatpants and welcome attire that is a little more fashionable.

If you are to look good, you have to want to look good!

Choose the Drapes

Clothes that drape around the body without fitting too much are every new mother’s best friends!

The cool fact is that drapey clothes are actually in fashion, almost always. Whether it is a floral dress, a plain drapey blouse or a wrap around, it’ll make your body look good and also be comfortable at the same time.

When you go shopping spend some time in the drapes section and pick a few designs that will serve you for multiple occasions.

Visit Your Favourite Tailor

There is no need for you to completely discard your old clothes. There are surely going to be quite a few items that still look pretty good on you. They may need an adjustment or two, which you can do by making a quick visit to your tailor.

Go through your present wardrobe and pick the clothes that you still like. Take it to your tailor and work with him to transform them to fit you better!

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment Wardrobe-Revamp

An important part of revamping your wardrobe is taking up the challenge of experimenting. Try out different designs, even ones that you’ve never used before. You can get online and buy a few clothes at affordable prices. Mix and match these items to create outfits that are attractive and cool.

Know What to Avoid

While it’s important to know what to pick, you should also know what to avoid. Bulky clothes are your enemy during this time. Stay away from overly gathered clothes and ones with excess fabric. Take just a few hours and get rid of anything that is going to make you look unflattering. This will even be a great place to start.

All of these tips will also vary according to your individual body type. So use it as a guide and revamp your wardrobe in a way that best suits your requirements.