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What are the Real Benefits of Coconut Water?

What are the Real Benefits of Coconut Water?

When the internet is raving about all the supposed benefits of coconut water and a million other so-called miracle products, how do you filter through all of the misinformation and get to the real core of the value of one of these supplements? All the hype typically has a foundation is some truth and each and every one of these crazy miracles does have at least some true health and nutrition value.

So let’s break down what coconut water really is, and from there determine what are the obvious benefits of drinking it. Coconut water is the clear fluid that comes from the inside of young coconuts. This is the stuff you see people drinking on those survival shows. Coconut milk and coconut oil are completely separate products. This clear or cloudy fluid has a sweet coconut overtone and a salty undertone that can be a little strange when you are not used to it. You can get between 30 and 70 milligrams of sodium and very little sugar, only around 9-12 grams for a 12-ounce serving. Claims that coconut water is rich in minerals are real with three essentials that many people; especially women tend to have difficulty getting enough of. Potassium, calcium, and magnesium are in good quantities, but still do not come close to the daily-recommended amount required for good health. On the downside, coconut water does contain calories, and those add up quickly when you drink more than one serving per day. The real benefits of coconut water are in its nutritional value which should tell you it is simply a great food to add to your diet, rather than a miracle cure for whatever it is that ails you.

This is a delicious and nutritious gift from nature, much like other fruits and fruit juices. It has both positive and negative qualities and essentially is not more or less valuable to your dietary needs than other natural foods. Coconut water can easily be incorporated into your healthy and active lifestyle, but as in all things, it is best in moderation. More of one thing is not always better, rather a balanced diet that includes a variety of healthy vitamins and minerals will help you to defeat whatever health problems you are seeking to repair.

Though there is much hype around this, and many other products, it is easy to backtrack to the essence of the claims, determine their validity based on the nutritional breakdown of the item, and determine what real benefits are hidden between the pages and pages of miraculous cure-all supplement claims. In every exaggeration there is a core of truth, it is up to you to decide how valuable that truth is to your healthy lifestyle. Much of your decision-making process is likely to rest on what you can afford to incorporate, and luckily coconut water is not a very expensive option and has some truly valid nutritional value that can be a wonderful part of your nutritional plan.

Sally Andrews