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5 Questions for Choosing the Apple Watch Right for You

5 Questions for Choosing the Apple Watch Right for You

The number of styles and different looks the Apple Watch offers can be overwhelming. You want to make sure you consider a number of factors in deciding what look best suits you, and your lifestyle. Just finding a starting place to begin sorting through all of the possible looks can be daunting. But with these 5 questions, you’ll be able to analyze what you need and want in an Apple Watch. Soon, you’ll start get a picture of what your Apple Watch should look like, and in no time you’ll be ready to get it ordered.

 If you’re shopping for an Apple Watch, you may have already noticed: there are a lot of styles to choose from Apple watch. There are 3 cases to choose from, and many styles of bands. So how do you go about sorting through all the options and feeling confident that you’ve made a good, informed choice? Start with these 5 questions to find the right Apple Watch for you.

  1. Are you in love with a particular case?

Not many of us will probably splurge on the gold case for the Apple Watch. That leaves two options to pick from for the watch case: stainless steel or aluminium. The stainless steel case is beautiful and elegant looking, and more expensive. The aluminium case is more sporty and casual. Check out Layby online if you’d like to compare the looks.

If you’re in love with the stainless steel and won’t be happy with the aluminum case, then you should get the stainless steel version. If you aren’t sold on one case, in particular, there are other considerations to help you make up your mind.

  1. How long will it be until you buy another Apple Watch?

If you get your phone upgraded every year, or every time a newer model comes out, then you can probably guess that you’ll have your Apple Watch for about a year. If you haven’t typically replaced your phone that often, consider that this is the first Apple Watch. The second one will doubtless have countless improvements over the first. In a year, are you going to want to get the newer version? If you predict you’re going to keep the watch for a while, it may make sense for you to invest a little extra in your Apple Watch.

  1. Where are you going to be wearing your Apple Watch?

If you frequently go to formal dinners or business meetings, you may want to spend the extra money to get an Apple Watch that looks dressy enough to fit in on these occasions. If you want to be able to wear your watch on dressy occasions, consider how each of the cases will look with dressier clothes. The band choice may also help determine if it’s a watch you’d wear to a formal occasion. Layby online has a variety of watch bands you can look over.

  1. How tough are you on watches?

Do your watches tend to show wear and tear quickly? If so, you may want to skip the stainless steel and choose the aluminium. You won’t be quite as heartbroken when it gets scratched for the first time. You know your lifestyle: is it better suited to aluminium or stainless steel?

  1. How versatile do you want your Apple Watch to be?

Once you’ve chosen the case for your Apple Watch, you’ll need a band or bands. You may decide that an aluminium case with two different bands will cover you for everyday wear and fancier attire. You may just like the versatility of multiple bands. Lay by can help you put together the right look.

Between the case and the band options, you can put together a huge variety of looks, including the one, or ones, right for you.

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