How can We Save Water at Home?

During heat waves, when the river level begins to drop, you become more sensitive to this important issue which is the management of drinking water. Still, use this valuable resource effectively should be a constant concern for us Quebecers because we are among the largest consumers of water in the world.

Here are 25 simple tips to save water at home:

Saving water in the bathroom:

It is in the bathroom we consume the most water (about 60% of our total consumption). The toilet is particularly greedy! If it is a little dated, the tank then you have at home can hold up to 18 litres of water. Replacing it with a low-flow toilet or dual-flush, you could consume much less (between 3 and 6 litres).

1. Install a flush toilet reduces.
2. Avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily.
3. Avoid using the toilet as a trash can.
4. Dipping a bottle filled with water in the tank
5. Use a volume-section (see your hardware store)
You guessed it, the bath and the shower also consume lots of water. For those who like lounging in a hot bath, remember that it takes about 150 litres of water to fill it!
6. Take a quick shower instead of a bath.
7. Use a low-flow shower.
8. Turn off the water to soap.
9. Avoid taking more showers on the same day.
10. Close the tap while brushing your teeth or cleaning the face
11. Make sure the valve is not leaking

Saving water in the kitchen:

A device for collecting rainwater
Simple tips can save water in the kitchen. If we remove the use of the dishwasher (which consumes about 40 litres for washing) is about 10% of our total consumption that goes into food.

12. Keep water in the refrigerator rather than let it flow to cool.
13. Scrape and wipe the dishes instead of rinsing with water.
14. Use a low-flow aerator to the faucet.
15. Cook food with steam.
16. Use a dishwasher Energy Star.
17. Use the shortest cycle for the dishwasher.

Saving water in the field

Armed with a garden hose, a little conscientious suburbanite can wreak havoc. Besides, who still cleans the paving of the entrance blows of drinking water?

18. Collect rainwater for watering the garden and flower bed.
19. Keep grass longer for it retains its moisture
20. Water the lawn in the evening or the morning to avoid evaporation losses
21. Wash the car with a bucket and a sponge
22. Cover the pool to limit evaporation

Saving water in the laundry room:

Perform a load of laundry with a traditional washer requires about 150 litres of water. Systems certified Energy Star is a good alternative because they require less than half.

23. Use the shorter. Wash cycle
24. Adjust the water level depending on the size of the load, without excess.
25. Limit the number of loads carried out

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