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The Red Wine is Good for the Heart

The Red Wine is Good for the Heart

Drink one to two glasses of alcohol each day could have a favourable effect on heart health. But to prevent cardiovascular disease, alcohol is still far behind a healthy diet, physical activity and smoking cessation …


Is red wine better?

The likely benefits of moderate consumption of alcohol would not be exclusive to red wine. There are only few studies conducted on different types of alcoholic drinks, which concluded at the superiority of red wine over other alcohols. The antioxidant compounds white wine would also have cardioprotective effects …

Moreover, it should be noted that the benefits of red wine have been observed in areas where we traditionally eat lots of fruits, vegetables, fish and unsaturated fats. All excellent foods for a healthy heart …

No ingredient has been formally identified as responsible for the alleged benefits of red wine.

However, two substances are often mentioned as the cause of the beneficial effect of red wine on heart disease: the alcohol itself, and antioxidant substances called polyphenols. In the case of red wine, resveratrol is the antioxidant responsible for anti-inflammatory effects that reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol are the polyphenols in the wine and which also have cardioprotective effects.


Do you need to start drinking alcohol?

One to two glasses of red or white wine a day may have a favourable effect on heart health, but this practice does not eliminate the harmful effects of smoking, a high-fat diet, low consumption fruit and vegetables and a lack of physical activity.

Whether you already are consuming alcohol or not, it is the above-mentioned factors you should change first. Alcohol should not be considered as a means in itself to reduce the risk of heart disease.

In addition, profits were observed only in people of middle age and the elderly. To date, nothing suggests that drinking even moderate protect young.


Too … too much!

If you currently drink moderately, do not increase your consumption. Too much alcohol can cause health problems and harm the health of your heart:

  1. increasing levels of fat in the blood;
  2. contributing to weight gain (alcohol high in calories);
  3. raising blood pressure;
  4. causing heart failure and other heart diseases;
  5. increasing the risk of cerebrovascular accident (CVA)
  6. creating dependencies;
  7. and may be the cause of liver disease, pancreatic and some cancers.

Unless more …

A high consumption of alcohol cancels the beneficial effects of alcohol and greatly increase the risk.

At 2 drinks a day, the risks are lowest for the most people. Once a person drinks more, the benefits of alcohol fly and risks of heart disease increase …

What is moderate drinking?

Moderate drinking means not consuming more January-February drinks per day, to a maximum of 14 drinks per week for men and nine for women.

A drink equals:

  1. 5 oz (or approximately 150 mL) of alcohol (12% alcohol);
  2. 1 bottle (or 350 ml) of beer (5% alcohol);
  3. 1.5 ounces (or about 45 ml) of spirits (80% alcohol).

And do not think you can drink 9 or 14 drinks only during the weekend! Your body may be affected, and you damage your heart if you do this.



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