Why Wine is Good for Health?

Researchers have discovered the precise mechanism of protection of resveratrol, a component that is found in grapes and red wine. What revives a 25-year old scientific debate.

image source: lifehacker.com
image source: lifehacker.com

Can we enjoy a good glass of red wine while protecting our heart? One question that scientists asked themselves a thousand times. Indeed, one can not count the many studies on the subject. Thus, red wine has been designated as a friend to our heart and our arteries. According to others, it would also strengthen the immune system. But ultimately, there are as many detractors as supporters of the theory of red wine and its protective effects on health. So much so that the scientific literature is puzzling.


image source: pixshark.com
image source: pixshark.com

Wine, consumed in moderation, is it so good for you or is it just a good excuse to string together the glasses without feeling guilty? US researchers may have solved the mystery.

A protein would activate protective genes

They spotted the presence of an enzyme in resveratrol, a component belonging to the family of polyphenols that are found in red wine but also in other food products such as grapes or chocolate. However, this component represents precisely the main subject of scientific controversy red wine. Resveratrol indeed has long been recognized antioxidant.
According to the leads of the study, the action of the enzyme found in Resveratrol would trigger-or deactivate- cellular stress response system. Indeed, this enzyme, called Tyrs activates the PARP-1 protein, which repairs damage to DNA by this stress. Other genes are also manifested via the action of this protein, especially those that are associated with tumour suppressors and cell longevity.
Cardiologists say, “This brings a stone to the building of an old scientific debate 25 years! Above all, it shows that the assumptions as what wine is good for health are not mere visions of the mind but are based on real facts. This study also suggests the hope of finding a drug source producing the same effects”.

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